Setting Up NetSuite OMS

Setting Up NetSuite OMS

This Integration is for NetSuite as an Order Destination. To Connect to NetSuite as an Order Source, See Here.
Authentication Limitation
CartRover connects to NetSuite's API using their original username/password authentication, not their newer Key based authentication. This means the following:
  1. You must provide CartRover with the username and password for a valid non-admin user in NetSuite
  2. The NetSuite user can not have two factor authentication enabled.

Because you cannot use two factor authentication we recommend you use a unique password that you don't use for any other accounts, or setup a NetSuite account only used for CartRover access.

Step-by-step guide

Required Testing
The CartRover NetSuite connection currently requires review and testing. Please reach out to CartRover Support so your setup may be reviewed and verified before going live.

Enable Web Services

  • Login to NetSuite and go to: Setup > Company > Enable Features SuiteCloud
  • Make sure the Web Services box is selected and click Save.

Enable Internal IDs

This setting will make it easier to collect all the required information below. You can turn this setting off once the CartRover connection is completed if desired.
  1. Go to: Home > Set Preferences.
  2. In the General tab, click Show Internal IDs (in the Defaults section.)

Get your Account ID

  1. Login to NetSuite and go to: Setup > Integration > Web Services Preferences
  2. The Account ID should be to the left side of the screen.
  3. Enter this into CartRover in WMS Setup

Setup Role and get Role ID

  1. Go to Setup > Users/Roles > Click on Manage Roles
  2. There should be a list of roles displayed, click on the one you want to use. We recommend the Warehouse Manager role.
  3. Navigate to Permissions > Setup. If not done, add Web Services and set to Full. Select Save.
  4. Now go to Setup > Integration > Web Services Preferences
  5. In the Name dropdown, select the user (If only the ID is shown, you can see your user ID in the upper right of the NetSuite page).
  6. Select the default role to use for Web Services.
  7. The Role ID will be displayed on the screen. Copy this and enter into CartRover WMS Setup.
  8. Click on Done and Save.

You can not use an "Administrator" role as these roles require 2-factor authentication which cannot be used by CartRover connections. Lower access levels do not require 2-factor authentication.

Make sure your Role also has Full "Web Services" permissions.

Get your Application ID

  1. Go to Setup > Integration > Manage Integrations > Click on New
  2. Enter CartRover as the name
  3. Under Authentication enable both User Credentials and Token-Based Authentication
  4. Click Save
  5. The page should display an Application ID column correlating to the name of an integration. If the column is blank then consult your NetSuite Rep for the App_id
  6. Enter the Application ID into the CartRover WMS Setup page and click Save.

Get your Adjustment Account ID

The Adjustment Account ID is used when syncing inventory levels in NetSuite.

To use the default App Account ID

  1. Leave this setting blank in CartRover and we'll use the same Account ID as above.

To use a specific Account ID

  1. Go to Setup > Accounting > click on Chart of Accounts
  2. Find the desired account to use and click on it. Look at the URL on the top screen.
  3. The value is right after "acctid=" and before the next "&" sign. This should be a number.

Copy this value and enter it into the CartRover WMS Setup page.

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