Setting Up Shippo

Setting Up Shippo

Integration Specs:

  • Supported functions:
    • Order Send
    • Shipment Confirmation Pickup
  • Required Parameters
    • Shippo User Key

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: In CartRover, on the WMS Setup tab, select Shippo from the dropdown menu and then click "Grant US API Access". 

Note: If a new window does not pop up when the button is clicked, instructions for opening the new window will appear.

Step 2: If have a Shippo account setup already, click "Log in" at the bottom. If not, fill out the form and click "SIGN UP" to create a new Shippo account.

Step 3: If setting up a new account, you will be prompted to Add a Credit Card. 

Step 4: After adding your credit card, you will be asked to connect with CartRover. Click Yes.

Step 5: Click Test WMS Connection. Then click Save. 

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