Setting Up SmartTurn

Setting Up SmartTurn

Integration Specs:
  1. Supported functions
    1. Order Download
    2. Inventory Sync (Multi Warehouse Inventory)
    3. Shipment Confirmation
Step-by-Step guide:

1. First select the appropriate WMS.
WMS Setup -> Change WMS -> select SmartTurn -> save

2. Then set the API username and API password under the merchant level params.
Enable test mode by default will be "NO" if you want to test through sandbox then change it to "YES"
Once all the parameters are filled click on "TEST WMS Connection" to make sure the connection is successful.

Merchants tab -> select respective merchant -> edit setup -> Test WMS connection

3. Once the connection is successful now enter the SmartTurn OwnerName, OwnerCode, Prefix for Order Numbers, and set send shipped orders notification to "YES" under cart level params.

Carts tab -> edit setup

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