Setting Up Vend

Setting Up Vend

Required Parameters

  • Vend URL
    • URL Format: https://<store_name>
  • Access Token

Step-by-step guide

  1. Obtain your Vend URL and enter it into the Vend New Cart Setup page. 
  2. Log into your Vend Admin panel, then go to Setup → Personal Tokens page to create Personal Token for Extensiv Integration Manager. 
  3. Type in Token Name and enable No Expiry. Then click on Save button to generate Access Token. 
  4. Copy your Access Token onto Integration Manager Vend New Cart Setup page. 

Please keep in mind that the Vend cart in Integration Manager requires a unique access token. 

Cart Settings

Required Outlet Name

Integration Manager will only sync orders and inventory with the given Outlet in Vend. Please go to your Vend Setting page, then click on Outlets and Registers to obtain your Outlet list.

To load orders from multiple Vend Outlets, you will need to setup each Outlet as a unique cart in Integration Manager, and create a new Vend Access Token for each one.

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