Setup and Load Yahoo Component Items

Setup and Load Yahoo Component Items

If you would like to create Component items in Yahoo, please do the following steps: 

  1. Open your Yahoo Store Manager and go to Catalog Manager → Manage Tables.
  2. Click on [+] Add New Attributes button under Custom Attributes section, and enter components as Attribute Name. Set the Format to text. Please DO NOT set this field as Required. Click the Add button to complete. 

  3. Go back to Manage Products tab and add/edit component items. 
    1. You should now be able to see a new field called Components on Item Edit Page. 
    2. Please fill in the sub-item codes into Component field, and make sure that they are comma-separated. 
    3. Component field string format: 
      1. SubItem1, SubItem2, SubItem3
    4. You can also specify quantity in front of sub item code: 
      1. 4 * SubItem1, 9 * Subitem2, SubItem3

  4. Go to your CartRover Yahoo Cart Setup Page and turn on Load Component Items. CartRover will automatically translate Item Code into the appropriate Sub Item Codes when loading orders from Yahoo.
    1. Leave this option disabled if you would like CartRover to load only the main product code.

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