Shift4Shop Settings

Shift4Shop Settings

This page covers the various options that can be set in CartRover and in your Shift4Shop account. 

CartRover Settings


New Order Status

What status should we look for when pulling orders from the cart?New

Processing Status

What status should we set orders to once they have been sent to the warehouse?Processing

Shipped Status

What status should we set once orders have been shipped?Shipped

Collect Checkout Questions

If you enable this we will collect the first 5 Checkout Questions and put them in custom_field_1 through custom_field_5 (45 characters max each)No

Handling ID

Find this in Shift4Shop: Settings → Shipping → Click Handling.
Shift4Shop lists Handling as a product. This allows us to add it to the shipping cost field.

Warehouse Location

Only pull items with this specific Warehouse Location.Blank

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