Ship Method Mapping

Ship Method Mapping

CartRover offers the ability to translate/map shipping method codes sent by each shopping cart to the standard codes supported by your WMS system. 


When orders are downloaded from a shopping cart, a ship code/method is sent with each order. Typically these are generic codes; either standard to the shopping cart or defined by the merchant in the shopping cart. Standard, Flat Rate, free_shipping, BEST, etc. are examples of some of the generic codes you may see. Many WMS systems cannot handle receiving these generic codes and require that each order is sent with their supported code for the specified shipping method. Note: In cases where the WMS system supports ship method mapping, this step can skipped in CartRover and the generic shopping cart codes can be passed straight through. 


How to add WMS Ship Codes

Pre-Loaded Codes

CartRover will pre-load WMS Ship Codes automatically for some WMS systems. If possible, this list will be automatically populated after you select and save your WMS on the WMS Setup page.

In order to map shipping method codes sent by the shopping cart to the codes supported by your WMS, you must first enter the codes supported by your WMS on the WMS Shipping Method List in CartRover. This is a one time step unless new ship methods are added/changed in the WMS. 

  1. Go to the Ship Methods tab in CartRover
  2. Click on WMS Shipping Method List
  3. Enter each ship code, ship method description, and carrier that can be accepted by the WMS.

How to map shopping cart codes to WMS shipping codes

Note: Please complete the steps in the previous section "How to add WMS Ship Codes" prior to continuing. 

Step 1: Reject Unmapped Shipping Codes 

If your WMS system requires you to map your shipping codes prior to sending orders to it, please ENABLE the following setting in CartRover for each shopping cart connection.

Go to the Carts tab → select the cart → click Edit Setup → Enable the "Reject Unmapped Shipping Codes" field.

Enabling this field will hold any order with an unmapped shipping code in CartRover until it has been mapped to a WMS supported code. Once mapped, the order will be sent to the WMS during the next Order Delivery scheduled. 

Step 2: Turn on Order Download

Once step 1 is complete, you can turn on Order Download to begin pulling in orders from the shopping cart. Because you have not mapped any codes yet, all orders will hold in CartRover and a list of the ship codes received will populate in CartRover. It is recommended that you place a test order using each ship method you offer in the shopping cart. 

Step 3: Map the ship codes

Go to your cart setup screen in CartRover (e.g. Carts tab > Shopify cart) and then click on the Shipping Methods icon. Here you will see the list of codes received from the shopping cart. 

Select the WMS code that correlates with the code sent from the shopping cart. You can also add codes manually if you know the codes set up in the shopping cart. Click Save. Once a code is mapped once, it does not need to be mapped again. Any orders that load with the same code will use the same mapping. 

Step 4: Alerts for unmapped shipping methods

Anytime an order loads with an unrecognized/unmapped ship code from the shopping cart, an email alert will be sent to the users on the CartRover alert list notifying them that they need to map the code to release the order to the WMS. 

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