ShipBob - Invalid ShippingOption in request

ShipBob - Invalid ShippingOption in request


Orders fail to load from CartRover into ShipBob with the following alert:
Error sending orders to ShipBob
Order XXYYZZ ShipBob said: Http Status: 200. Invalid ShippingOption in request


ShipBob requires that you map all your cart's ship methods to the official ShipBob codes before orders can send through. To do so, follow these directions:
  1. For each of your carts in CartRover, go to it and click Edit Setup.
  2. Towards the bottom set the Reject Unmapped Shipping Codes option to Enabled. Click OK to save.
    1. This will ensure you are notified ASAP if this issue ever occurs again.
  3. Click the Ship Methods tab.
  4. For each cart, select the cart, in the list, select the desired ShipBob method on the right side. When finished, click Save.

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