Shipment Confirmation

Shipment Confirmation

Shipment confirmation is the ability for Extensiv Integration Manager to tell the order source or cart when an order has shipped. This also usually includes giving back a tracking number.

Some systems also support item level details. If so, the system will list Shipment Confirmation - Detailed as a supported function. Detailed Shipment confirmation is the ability for Integration Manager to tell the order source or cart not only that an order has shipped, but also which items were shipped in each package for multi-box shipments. This also usually includes giving back a tracking number and sometimes a GS1-14/SCC-14 or UCC/EAN 128 number. This functionality will only work if the warehouse company or software you are using also supports this and reports all the needed information to Integration Manager when each order ships. If your warehouse does not support this, Integration Manager will fall back to Order level shipment confirmation.

Carts that have a strict carrier list

These carts do not allow non-standard carriers.
  1. Magento
    1. Plugins are available to expand the default carrier list. Learn More.

These carts allow Integration Manager to pass custom tracking links to them
  1. OnBuy
  2. Quickbooks Commerce (aka TradeGecko)
  3. SalesForce
    1. Custom Field Required
  4. Shopify
  5. Squarespace
  6. Walmart
  7. WooCommerce

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