Shipment Confirmation Pickup

Shipment Confirmation Pickup

Shipment confirmation is the ability for CartRover to pickup shipping information from the WMS so it can be relayed back to the shopping cart. For example, a Carrier and Tracking Number.

Some systems also support reporting back item level details when shipping. If so, the system will list Shipment Confirmation Pickup - Detailed as a supported function. Detailed Shipment confirmation is the ability for CartRover know not only that an order has shipped, but also which items were shipped in each package for multi-box or partial shipments. This also usually includes picking up a tracking number and sometimes a GS1-14/SCC-14 or UCC/EAN 128 number. Only systems supporting the detailed feature allow for split and partial shipments. This functionality requires that you use an order source that also supports Detailed Shipment Confirmations.

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