Shipping Method Setup - Shopify

Shipping Method Setup - Shopify

Shopify has both predefined shipping methods and custom shipping methods. These instructions will help you map these codes to what your WMS expects to receive.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Shipping methods are setup in the Settings > Shipping section of the admin area.
  2. Any shipping methods you define here will send the "Name" field to CartRover as the shipping method. You can either map this to another ship code in the cart setting of CartRover, or just let it flow through all the way to your WMS software and map it there.
  3. Any standard or Predefined shipping methods (eg: UPS Ground) will also come to CartRover with just the name. You will again want to map these in CartRover or let them flow to the WMS.


If you unsure of the exact names of the shipping methods you will use and want to map, create test orders in your Shopify cart. Once those orders are picked up by CartRover any unknown shipping methods will be listed in the Cart Setup Shipping Methods for you and you can map them there.

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