ShipStation WMS - Unique Connection for Each Order Source

ShipStation WMS - Unique Connection for Each Order Source

With a Merchant Account in CartRover, orders from all order sources are merged together when sent to ShipStation. If you have multiple sales channels flowing through CartRover and need or want each one to connect to ShipStation as a separate Store, the following set up is required.

  1. Use a CartRover 3PL account. If you already have a Merchant account, contact support and they can upgrade your account for you.
  2. Set up a unique Merchant in your CartRover 3PL account for each sales channel.
  3. Add the appropriate cart to each merchant in CartRover.
  4. Each Merchant in CartRover will have a unique sales channel connection to ShipStation. Follow the standard ShipStation setup guide using the Merchant Edit Setup page in CartRover.

With this setup, each of your sales channels in CartRover will be linked to a unique sales channel in ShipStation.

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