Shopify Integration Overview

Shopify Integration Overview

Supported Plans
This integration works with all Shopify plans including the Lite and POS versions.

Supported Functions

  • Order Download
  • Inventory Sync
  • Shipment Confirmation - Detailed
  • Order Cancel Download
  • Order Cancel Upload


  1. Extensiv Integration Manager retrieves new orders from Shopify
  2. Integration Manager delivers orders to WMS/OMS
  3. Integration Manager retrieves shipment tracking and inventory levels from WMS/OMS
  4. Integration Manager delivers shipment tracking and inventory levels to Shopify. 

Required Parameters

Credentials from Shopify that need to be entered in Integration Manager. The setup guide will explain how to obtain these:

  • Store Name or Shop URL
    • URL Format:
  • Shopify Username
  • Shopify Password

Important Integration Notes

Before setting up this connection to Shopify, please review these important notes to ensure the integration is successful:

Important Note - Inventory

In order to have Integration Manager sync inventory between your WMS and your Shopify cart, you must enable inventory tracking for each product in Shopify.

You can do this by going to Products > choose a product >  Inventory & Variants > edit > Inventory policy > select: Shopify tracks this variant's inventory.

Important Note - Variants

Shopify allows for multiple "Variants" on a single product. These should be used for things like different sizes or colors of a product.

Ideally, each Variant should have a unique SKU or inventory may not be tracked properly. If you use the same SKU for multiple products or variants, Integration Manager will set them all to the same (current) inventory level. For example, if the current quantity in stock for product FOO is 5 units, all products matching sku FOO in Shopify will have their inventory levels set to 5.

Payment Status

By default Integration Manager picks up open "Paid" orders. If you won't be charging customer's credit cards until after the order is shipped, change the "Financial Status" field in Integration Manager to "Authorized". To pickup Archived orders, change the "Order Status" field in Integration Manager to "Closed" or "Any".

Fulfillment Status
Make sure that you haven't selected Automatically fulfill the order's line items in the Order processing section of your Checkout settings page.

Shopify Setup Guide

Follow the step by step instructions on the Shopify Setup Guide to connect your Shopify account to Integration Manager.

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