Skubana OMS Inventory Not Syncing (Sync Per Skubana Sales Channel Mode)

Skubana OMS Inventory Not Syncing (Sync Per Skubana Sales Channel Mode)


Products inventory levels in CartRover do not match with quantities in Skubana. CartRover is not pulling proper inventory levels from Skubana.


Skubana only provides product updates to CartRover when inventory levels actually change in Skubana. If you need inventory to re-sync for a specific product, you can adjust the inventory record in Skubana. CartRover can only sync inventory levels when Skubana provides an update. Read below for more details.

If only a single product has not synced inventory properly, please adjust the inventory level for that product in Skubana. You can immediately change the level back after adjusting. This will trigger Skubana to re-send that product's inventory to CartRover. Otherwise check the other solutions below.

Quantity Available
CartRover always compares inventory using Quantity Available and not Quantity On Hand. Quantity Available is the quantity that is sellable at any given moment, so it excludes inventory allocated to an order that has already loaded but not yet shipped.

When comparing inventory levels between systems, be sure to compare the Available Quantity.
Check your Sales Channel Inventory Allocation Rules in Skubana. Please perform the following to check your Skubana Setups.:

Check Sales Channels Setup in Skubana

  1. Go to Skubana Settings → Sales Channels. Click on the Channel Name that has inventory discrepancy, then Edit
  2. Double check Excluded Warehouses field. Remove warehouses from the list if necessary. 
  3. Click on Save button to complete. 

Check Item Inventory Setup in Skubana

  1. Go to Skubana Inventory tab. Click on the Master SKU that has inventory discrepancy. An Inventory Rules window will pop out. 
  2. Click on Channel Allocation section and check Inventory Allocation rule. Please make adjustment if necessary. 
  3. Click on Excluded Warehouses section and check if warehouses are excluded for this products. 
  4. Under the Channel History section, you can find the record of Inventory Push record for each Sales Channel. 
  5. Click on Save button to complete. 

Check Item Inventory Status in Skubana

  1. Go to Skubana Inventory tab. If an item has a Gear icon () under Status column, you will need to initialize Stock record. 
  2. Click on an item that has Gear icon. Then click on + Create Stock under each warehouse to initialize Stock Record. 

If you need further assistance with Skubana account setup, please reach out to your Skubana Account Representatives to have them review your Skubana Sales Channel Inventory settings. You may also need to request Skubana to reset your Sales Channel inventory sync. This will cause Skubana to re-send all inventory levels to CartRover for a fresh start.

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