Skubana Settings

Skubana Settings

This page covers the various options that can be set in CartRover and in your Skubana account. 

CartRover Settings

SettingsDescriptionDefaultOther Options

Order Status

Only pull orders with the selected Order Status.Awaiting 3PL ExportUnresolved, Waiting Payment, Waiting Shipment, Waiting MC Fulfillment, Waiting Dropship, Rending Fulfillment, Shipped, Cancelled, On Hold, SKU Unprocessed, Processed Outside Of Skubana

Warehouse Name

Only pull orders with the specified Warehouse Name.
  • To load orders from all locations, please leave this field blank (Inventory Sync will be disabled for this cart).

SKU field to pickup

Master SKU is the main/unique product sku in Skubana
Listing SKU is the sku you associate with a specific sales channel.

More Info
Master SKUListing SKU
Bundle Item HandlingHow should bundles be loaded? We can either load just the bundle SKU, just the component Master SKUs, or both.

Listing SKUs of bundles components cannot be loaded.
Bundle SKU only
  • Bundle SKU Only
  • Component Master SKUs Only
  • Both the Bundle and Component SKUs

Send Confirmation Email

Should Skubana send a Shipping Confirmation Email to customers when we mark an order as shipped?YesNo

Send tracking to Sales Channels

Should Skubana also send tracking to original Sales Channel when we mark an order as shipped?YesNo

Split Names

Skubana puts the entire customer name into a single field. This option will split it into a First and Last name.YesNo
Ship Code for Amazon Prime OrdersLeave blank for default. Otherwise set the Ship Code value you would like to set when orders are Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime.Blank

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