SPS Commerce Project Pricing

SPS Commerce Project Pricing

SPS Retailer connections require either a 3PL Account or an EDI Merchant Account.

Extensiv Integration Manager charges a per-retailer connection setup fee for all SPS integrations. This fee covers setup, development, and testing required for each connection. Although EDI is considered a standardized means of data transfer each Trading Partner can have unique formatting and data requirements. Occasionally those requirements do not have clear equivalents in the eCommerce world. Most Trading Partners also require a testing and validation process to be completed by your ERP/VAN as a condition for sending live orders. As a result EDI integrations require much more planning and setup time. To guarantee that our customers meet these more stringent requirements a setup fee is charged for each retailer.

The setup fee is a single flat per-retailer cost that covers setup, testing and any minor development needed to navigate your integration from the testing process to production. It includes any of the following EDI document types:
850 - (Purchase Order)
855 - (Purchase Order Acknowledgement)
856 - (Advanced Shipping Notice)
810 - (Invoice)
846 - (Inventory)
940- (Warehouse Shipping Order)
945 - (Warehouse Shipping Advice)
Pricing ranges from $900-1500 is adjusted based on if we have previously built out to the Trading Partner and if we have previously connected SPS Commerce to your Order Destination. You can find our list of previously supported retailers here. We are constantly working on new projects and that list may not be comprehensive. If a retailer you are interested in does not appear in that list please reach out to help@cartrover.com to see if it's available.

These fees are Integration Manager specific and do not include SPS Commerce pricing. An account with Integration Manager must be maintained to manage the connections between your trading partners and fulfillment system. Each trading partner is equivalent to a single cart or order source in the Integration Manager system.

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