Tracking Not Syncing from WMS to Cart

Tracking Not Syncing from WMS to Cart


All or some of your shipment/tracking records are not syncing from your backend WMS to your shopping cart.


If Nothing Is Syncing

Ensure Cart Shipment Upload is Enabled

  1. Browse to your cart settings by going to Carts > Select your cart > Edit Setup
  2. Under the Services section make sure you have turned on Shipment Upload. The recommended option is Automatic.
  3. Click Save

Ensure Merchant Shipping Confirmations are enabled

  1. Browse to your merchant settings by going to Merchants Edit Setup
  2. Under the Synchronization with WMS section make sure you have turned on Shipping Confirmations. The recommended option is Every Hour.
  3. Click OK

If Some Are Syncing

Check Alerts

  1. Browse to the Alerts tab.
    1. Look for any alerts with a Red icon that mention tracking or confirmations, click on them to view.
  2. Find a specific order you know has shipped. Look up this order in Extensiv Integration Manager Orders tab.
    1. Check for any error message at the lower right. Common issues are the shopping cart not recognizing the carrier name, or the list of products that have shipped. In these scenarios Integration Manager support can help provide more insight or solutions.

Carrier Mapping

Your WMS may be sending carrier codes that your shopping carts don't understand. There are two ways to resolve this:

  1. See if your backend WMS system can send more standardized codes. Eg. FEDEX instead of FDX
  2. From the Merchants tab select SCAC Mapping
    1. Here you can map the code coming from the WMS to a more standard code. Note: most SCAC codes are not recognized by shopping carts, but there are a few non-standard codes listed for easy of use like FEDEX and UPS.

Other Common Issues

  1. Back-dating your shipping records in some WMS systems can cause them to be missed by Integration Manager.
  2. Make sure you have clicked the Test WMS Connection button. It will either be found in your WMS Setup tab, or the Merchant > Edit Setup page. Some WMS systems will only begin sending us tracking records after this step has been completed.

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