TradeGecko Settings

TradeGecko Settings

This page covers the various options that can be set in CartRover and in your TradeGecko account. 

CartRover Settings


Order Status

Only pull orders with the selected Order Status.
  • Draft
  • Active
  • Finalized
  • Fulfilled
  • Any Status

Order Payment Status

Only pull orders with the selected Payment Status.
  • Unpaid
  • Paid
  • Partially Paid
  • Any Status

Order Invoice Status

Only pull orders with the selected Invoice Status.
Any Status
  • Uninvoiced
  • Invoiced
  • Partially Invoiced
  • Any Status

Order Fulfillment Status

Only pull orders with the selected Fulfillment Status.
  • Unshipped
  • Shipped
  • Partially Shipped
  • Any Status

Order Pack Status

Only pull orders with the selected Pack Status.
Any Status
  • Unpacked
  • Packed
  • Partially Packed
  • Any Status

Location ID

Only pull orders with the following Location ID. Leave blank to load orders from all locations. This field is required if you will be syncing inventory levels.

Send Shipment Cost to TradeGecko

After an order has shipped, should CartRover send back shipment cost to the TradeGecko invoice?

Note: Orders with a Shipping cost already on the Invoice will not be updated

  • Never
  • Always
  • For Certain Sources
    • User can enter a comma separated list of TradeGecko Sources

Shipment Line Label

What should we call the Shipment line on the invoice when we add one?
Actual Shipping Cost
  • Any custom text string allowed

Apply Tax to Shipment

Should we have TradeGecko apply your order's tax rate to the shipping cost?
  • Yes
  • No

Customer ID Field

Which TradeGecko field should CartRover load as Customer ID?
Billing Address ID
  • Billing Address ID
  • Company ID
  • Contact ID
  • Shipping Address ID
Main Item Field
Which field Should CartRover load as Main Item Code? (For both Order Download & Inventory Sync.)
If Barcode/UPC code is empty in TradeGecko, CartRover will still load Item SKU as Default Main Item Code
Item SKU
Item SKU
Default Ship Code to Custom Item
Should CartRover load Custom/Freeform Item as the order's Ship_Code field if no line_type = shipping is found (Ex. Manual Order)?
If an order has more than one Custom Item, this rule will be ignored.

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