Upload Product Aliases

Upload Product Aliases

Review the Product Aliases in CartRover page before continuing with the below steps.

The CartRover interface does not currently allow you to upload product aliases in bulk via CSV. It currently only supports manual entry. However, if you provide your product aliases to CartRover Support in the following CSV format, CartRover Support will upload the file for you. A standard one-time fee is charged, please contact support for up to date pricing.


  1. The file must contain a single header row
  2. The file must contain the Master SKU from your fulfillment system
  3. The Alias Name field must be consistent per sales channel
  4. The Alias Value must be unique per Alias Name, and should be unique across all products. A single alias code that points to multiple products can cause issues.

WMS Master SKUAlias NameAlias ValueAlias NameAlias Value



Attached below is a CSV version of the format above.

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