View Product Sync

View Product Sync

After setting up a shopping cart (and clicking on it), you will see a range of Actions and Tools in the Carts tab.

One of the tools you will have is called View Product Sync. View Product sync provides a way to see the last time Extensiv Integration Manager synced  your Shopping Cart product SKU's and your WMS system product SKU's (along with their inventories)

To sync inventory levels from your WMS system to your Shopping Cart, make sure to turn on the Inventory Sync for both your Shopping Cart and your WMS. See how here: How to Enable Inventory Sync

After Integration Manager has run Inventory on both sides, click on the View Product Sync button in the Integration Manager carts page and you will see a table like below.

How to Read the View Product Sync Table

  1. SKU - This is the product code as reported by your Shopping Cart. This should ideally match with the Product Code in your WMS.
  2. Inventory Enabled - This identifies if your Shopping Cart tracks inventory for this product SKU. If NO, then Integration Manager can not update inventory levels for that product
  3. Last Cart Sync Date - This identifies when Integration Manager last verified or updated this product's inventory with the Shopping Cart.
    1. A product may show NEVER for several reasons:
      1. There is no matching SKU in your WMS. To fix this, ensure your Product SKUs/Codes match in all your systems.
      2. There is a matching SKU, but inventory does not need to sync because the product or inventory is disabled in the shopping cart.
    2. Integration Manager will update the Last Cart Sync Date even if we did not change the inventory in the Shopping Cart. One example is if Integration Manager syncs inventory to the shopping cart and sees that the Inventory Level in the shopping cart is already correct.
In the table above, you can see that the Product (with the SKU 234567891) was synced up between your Shopping Cart and your WMS system on 10/22/18 at 21:28

For the Product SKU BDreams, the Last Cart Sync Date shows NEVER. This is due to this SKU not existing on the WMS side. Since there is no product on the WMS side, Integration Manager can not sync the inventory levels between your Shopping Cart and your WMS system. Please make sure a corresponding SKU exists on the WMS side to be able to sync the products. Please visit our Product Aliases page to learn how to create an alias to match your Shopping Cart SKU with your WMS system SKU.


As a general guideline, we suggest setting the Inventory settings to 1 hour each. There can be up to a 2 hour lag to update the 'Last Cart Sync Date'. Integration Manager will still keep accurate inventory levels. The main point of View Inventory Sync is to verify that Integration Manager is syncing inventory between your Shopping Cart and WMS system.

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