Wayfair EU Invoice Setup

Wayfair EU Invoice Setup

If you will be sending invoices back to Wayfair EU, you need to perform the following additional setup steps in CartRover.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Be sure you have filled out the Supplier Info section in the cart settings.
  2. From the Merchant page in CartRover, click on Products.
  3. Select the proper Warehouse or click Add Warehouse and create a new one
  4. Click Edit Warehouse and then Add Address. Be sure the Name  and Address fields are filled out. Click Save.
  5. Set the Send Invoice option to Yes in the cart settings page. Invoices will only be sent if you also have the Shipment Upload service enabled at the top.

For more information on the Warehouse Setup steps, see this page: Multi-Warehouse Inventory Setup

VAT Rates and Numbers

All orders are assumed to be shipping from the UK. Please contact support if this is not the case for you.

The following VAT Rates and numbers will be included automatically based on the shipping address:

CountryVAT RateVAT Registration Number

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