Wayfair Integration Overview

Wayfair Integration Overview

Supported Marketplaces

Integration Manager supports both Wayfair North America and Wayfair Europe. Separate connections are needed for each. 

Supported functions

  • Order Download
  • Inventory Sync
  • Shipment Confirmation - Detailed
  • Invoice


  1. Extensiv Integration Manager retrieves new orders from Wayfair
  2. Integration Manager delivers orders to WMS/OMS
  3. Integration Manager retrieves shipment tracking and inventory levels from WMS/OMS
  4. Integration Manager delivers shipment tracking, inventory levels, and invoice to Wayfair. 

Required Parameters

Credentials from Wayfair that need to be entered in Integration Manager. The setup guide will explain how to request/obtain these:

Important Integration Notes

Before setting up this connection to Wayfair, please review these important notes to ensure the integration is successful:

File Format

Integration Manager supports the WayFair EDI Flat File format Version 2. Make sure to have Wayfair enable that format and not the full edi format.

Product SKUs

Make sure you setup your Wayfair part numbers to match your warehouse's primary SKU so that inventory levels will sync properly.

Inventory Sync

Please keep in mind that Wayfair has a 5-unit buffer in place. Wayfair will display "out of stock" once an item has less than 5 units in stock. This number can be lowered by Wayfair if you have a low backorder rate.

Enable Wayfair inventory sync AT LEAST once every 8 hours in Integration Manager in order to prevent Wayfair issues.

Shipping Labels

Please reach out to your warehouse to make sure that the PO Number is placed under Reference Field #1 of Shipping Labels!

Integration Manager can not pull pre-printed labels from Wayfair. Integration Manager passes the order data to your warehouse, but your warehouse must print the shipping label. In some situations, users download labels from Wayfair and manually send them to the warehouse. In others, the warehouse can generate its own labels.

Wayfair Setup Guide

Follow the step-by-step instructions on the Wayfair Setup Guide to connect your Wayfair account to Integration Manager.

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