CartRover Authentication

CartRover Authentication

What is a Magic Link?

Magic links allow you to login without your password. Requesting a magic link will send a special login link to your email on file. Clicking on that link in your email will log you in without you needing to enter your password. This works because we can confirm that you are the only one with access to your email address. Even with a standard password, anyone with access to your email account can get access to your CartRover account.

How do you know my password was leaked?

If you receive a message from us that your password was leaked or breached, here's how we may have known:
  1. When you login with your password, or setup a new password, we can compare it to the HaveIBeenPwned database to see if your password has been exposed in a breach on another website
  2. We may monitor HaveIBeenPwned for any websites that have been breached and include your email address.
These checks are performed against all known and confirmed website breaches. This does not mean your password was leaked from CartRover. The best protection is to ensure you use a unique password for all websites and use a password manager to remember them all. This way, if a website is compromised, your passwords for all other websites are still secure.

What is FusionAuth?

FusionAuth is a user authentication and authorization service that CartRover uses to log users in to CartRover. The following domain is controlled by CartRover and is safe to enter your user credentials into:
CartRover and FusionAuth store all user credentials with a cryptographic hash function so that not even we know what your password is.

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