Wipe/Clear Orders From CartRover

Wipe/Clear Orders From CartRover

Testing or Setup

If you have been performing account setup or testing, we do not recommend wiping or deleting all order from your CartRover account. If orders are deleted from CartRover, there is a significant risk that those orders will get re-loaded in the future which could cause you to re-ship those test orders.
Because CartRover is a passthrough system, all orders except ones in "New" status can be safely ignored. For orders that are in "New" status that you want removed, go to the order in the Order tab and click: Actions Menu > To WMS > Cancel Sending to WMS to prevent CartRover from sending these orders to your WMS system.


If you are looking to clear orders from CartRover for other reasons, please contact support. Keep in mind that the same potential issues listed above apply and you risk having the orders load again if you do not also remove them from your order source or place them in the correct status.
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