WooCommerce Confirmation Methods

WooCommerce Confirmation Methods

CartRover offers a number of ways to report tracking numbers back to WooCommerce.

You can set which option to use in CartRover on the WooCommerce cart setup page

GO TO: (Carts tab → WooCommerce → Edit Setup → Confirmation method).

#Option NameAction
1Confirm without TrackingCartRover will mark the order as confirmed in WooCommerce, but will not post the tracking number
2Tracking In Notes FieldCartRover will post the tracking number in the notes field of the order (DEFAULT SETTING)
3Tracking In Notes Field & Email CustomerCartRover will post the tracking number in the notes field of the order and trigger WooCommerce to send an email with the tracking number to the customer. (See sample email attached to bottom of this page)
4Extension: Shipment Tracking

CartRover supports the official WooCommerce Shipment Tracking extension. (RECOMMENDED)

Extension: Shipment Tracking

CartRover can send tracking data back to WooCommerce if you have Shipment Tracking Extension 1.6.4+ and are on WordPress 4.4+

Summary: The WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Extension allows tracking to be sent back to WooCommerce with a clickable tracking link. That tracking link can be included in customer emails. See WooCommerce documentation above for all features supported. CartRover does not provide support for features of this extension, only on the process of sending tracking to the extension. 

If this plugin does not support certain carrier codes that you need to use, see these instructions for adding more carriers to the supported list for this plugin.
Both Notes & Tracking Extension
CartRover will post the tracking data to the above Shipment Tracking and also post the tracking number in the notes field of the order.
Extension: WP-Lister
CartRover will post the Tracking Number, Carrier, and Shipment Date to the WP-Lister extension in WooCommerce.

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