Working with Foreign Currencies in ApparelMagic

Working with Foreign Currencies in ApparelMagic

Each ApparelMagic account will use its "home currency" as the base reference for all price data on orders. If your account's home currency is different than the currency used by your order source then ApparelMagic may attempt to convert the price fields on any uploaded orders. An example is included below for an ApparelMagic account that uses the Canadian Dollar as their home currency and which receives a US order with price data in US Dollars.

      CartRover Order Total: $34.00 USD
      ApparelMagic Home Currency: CAN
      ApparelMagic Conversion Rate (CAD to USD): 0.806816
      ApparelMagic Order Total: $27.43 USD

If your order source is already providing orders in the foreign currency (i.e. US orders are already in US Dollars) then you can prevent this conversion by disabling the Currency Conversion setting in each affected cart.

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